Courtney Price Answers The Most Asked Questions From Entrepreneurs

by Christine Greene

Courtney Price Answers The Most Asked Questions From Entrepreneurs
by Courtney Price

Courtney Price Answers The Most Asked Questions From Entrepreneurs provides much needed guidance for anyone looking to start or grow a successful business.  Courtney Price answers important questions about entrepreneurship in the areas of starting a business with no idea, home-based businesses, purchasing an existing business, franchise opportunities, financing businesses, venture capitalism, patents and intellectual property, marketing and advertising, increasing sales and getting more customers, growth strategies, the legal structuring of businesses, business advisors, feasibility plans, business management, business insurance, management and hiring, business resources, the development/sharpening of skills and more.

Price points out that one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is getting wrapped up and emotional about their ideas without doing the practical work to determine if their ideas are feasible or not.  A feasibility study should be done before an entrepreneur invests any money in a venture.  A feasibility study will likely include an analysis of an idea’s potential and pitfalls, the market for the product or service, price and profitability, proper management, capital needed and more.  She explains that 40% of new start-ups fail in the first year of business and 80% in the fifth year.  If feasibility studies were done for all business ideas, most businesses would never have been started.  She provides many tools for entrepreneurs to use including check lists for a financial plan and marketing.

Courtney Price is an entrepreneurial consultant who is recognized internationally and has a syndicated column called “Entrepreneurs Ask” that appears in about 400 newspapers.